You can handle long and heavy hose bundles easier by strapping them before mounting spiral on the bundle.

Safeplast Binding Strap Features

  • Made of very durable polyester (PES)
  • All the straps have adjustment holes (except the smallest size, which is meant for bundling of electric cables) and a spike buckle
  • Sales unit 50 / 100 pcs per size
Safe Straps new 3
Safeplast product codeLengthWidthThicknessPackage size
UR09250250 mm9 mm1.4 mm100 pcs
UR20400400 mm20 mm1.8 mm50 pcs
UR20600600 mm20 mm1.8 mm50 pcs
UR20800800 mm20 mm1.8 mm50 pcs
UR23850A850 mm23 mm2.5 mm50 pcs