We are the number one producer, marketer and seller of high-quality plastic spirals and textile products for hose protection purposes and various other applications, as well. Our products are designed to meet even the highest requirements of any machine and equipment manufacturers world wide.

Safeplast Oy have certified ISO 9001:2015 quality and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems.

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About Safe-Spirals

Safe-Spirals are manufactured exclusively from a high-grade polyethylene plastic. Our spirals are manufactured by extrusion, which allows the products to have rounded edges and a very durable construction with a built-in memory. Continuous product development ensures the highest and most competitive quality of Safeplast protective spiral products.

Our Safe-Spiral production lines are designed and built by our engineers to ensure reliable and high-quality production 24/7. That is one main thing why we are so much better and different from others.

We do also produce original OEM products for several brands. We can deliver any logos and numbers or other marks printed permanently on our Safe-Spirals.

The new Eco-Spiral product line

In 2018 we are first in the world to introduce the industry Safeplast-ECO products. Safe-Spirals which are produced of 100 % recycled quality HDPE. A good alternative, which have their place on market whenever the values of the company meets the values of the consumer. We want the world to be a better place in future. More about our Safeplast-ECO development work here.

Our customers

Safeplast Oy customers consists of hydraulics distributors, wholesalers and retailers but also world’s leading machine manufacturers. Forestry, agriculture, and mining machine manufacturers have been pioneers in using Safeplast spirals in toughest environments around the world.

Our protective spirals and textile sleeves can be used to protect all types of hoses and cables in any machinery like in  tractors, excavators, mining machines, bulldozers, forklifts and all construction machines, big or small and even huge, you name it!

Our Safe-Spiral has also a classified NCAGE number in the Nato Codification System.