The Safe-Bundler tool is designed to be used for mounting of Safe-Spirals on hydraulic hoses and especially for hose bundles.

The tool opens the spiral to be moved forward by an electric drill. It does not require much working space, but can be used in limited space.

In addition to being very fast and easy, the mounting is ergonomic and reduces the physical strain on the operators’ wrists.

Available in two sizes

Small: for spirals OD 32 – 40 mm
Large: for spirals OD 50 – 140 mm.

You can mount Safe-Spirals on hose bundles with a maximum diameter of 180 mm. You can even use one spiral size for a wider range than before.


Safe-Tool is designed for smaller volume of mounting work, because it is operated by hand. Using the tool makes the rolling lighter, as it opens the spiral for you.

HAKOP – smaller tool for spirals OD 20 – 50 mm

HAKOI – larger tool for spirals OD 63 – 140 mm

How to use the Safe-Tool

Start by rotating the spiral 1–2 rounds onto the hose / hose bundle. If the spiral is long it is better to start from the middle.

Lift the spiral on top of the pin, the pin towards the mounting direction. Holding spring follows the hose.

Turn the tool by its handle.