Best solution rather than the easiest ones – Safeplast textile products offer certainty both in high and low risk conditions

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In industrial work, a specific textile or plastic material choice can make everyday life much easier, but also prevent major accidents from happening. Safeplast textile products are produced while always keeping safety in mind from various points of view. Workers, machinery, hoses, hydraulic lines – all need to be safe no matter the situation, and that can be achieved much easier than you might think.

One of the most important tasks of all Safeplast products is to provide safety for both workers and machinery. Even a very small detail can make a huge difference at a worksite.

That detail can be a material choice, a specific buckle or other fastening system – or something even smaller.

“Safety can be ensured in many ways. That is why our selection of textile sleeves and bundling products is so broad”, says Päivi Urvikko, Product Manager of Safeplast textile production.

In addition to the classic Safe-Sleeve, the textile products include wraps, bundling and binding products, stoppers, and tethers. They are needed in various situations in all kinds of working fields from industrial worksite to more specific purposes.

“Especially hydraulic hoses can be risky to have around because of high pressure. Safe-Sleeves are made to suppress the hydraulic liquid pressure effectively if a hose breaks. This way the sleeve can prevent dangerous situations”, Urvikko says.

“Bundling products are in turn made to keep hydraulic hoses attached to each other to keep them in place inside of a Safe-Spiral, for example. That also ensures safety: if one of the hoses in a bundle is damaged, the hose will not behave uncontrollably.”

Versatile designs, always the same quality

All Safeplast products are designed to meet the requirements of modern machine and equipment manufacturers. That does not end in everyday safety – Safeplast textile products offer certainty in many situations, also with lower–risk working conditions.

Sometimes even surprisingly common things are replaced by Safeplast products and their high-quality materials. For example, a small textile strap is a great alternative to a common cable tie. The strap can be used repeatedly, which makes it useful as well as a sustainable option.

“We are experienced in taking different needs into account. Depending on the job, some of our customers want polyester in their products since it withstands sunlight and fire, and some need polypropene because it floats on water. We have great knowledge of these needs and options to answer them”, Urvikko explains.

When it comes to fine details, Safeplast truly thinks about the best solutions beyond the easiest or obvious choices. That applies to both looks and quality – almost every product can be customized for a company, whether that means a brand logo, or a strand of brand color sewn in the product.

With or without alterations, product quality stays the same. The excellence of the Safeplast products is achieved with always on-going quality control.

“For me and my area of production, that means handcrafted work every day in many different textile product designs. This way, the final approval of quality can be done effectively on the spot”, Urvikko says.