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Case: creating the ECO-Spiral

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One of the highly appreciated values of Safeplast Oy is environment and sustainable development over all. This is also the main reason we started the development project of our newest product line, the ECO-Spirals, in 2015.

Perfect timing for recycled raw materials

The task was clear to us, but achieving it was a tough and a long story. We wanted to be in the first line to introduce high quality hose protection spirals manufactured of recycled materials. Timing is perfect since the global recycling of plastics has gained so much attention. The collection process of the residential plastic waste was also started around that time in many European countries, including Finland.

Brand concerns

We did not want to spoil our premium brand Safe-Spirals, which have always been manufactured only of highest quality HD PE, so we were a little worried of how using recycled materials would affect our brand image. How can we create a product line that is in no means inferior compared to our products made of high quality virgin polyethylene?

Searching for the solution

We started a relentless process of studying the properties of our recycled material. Does recycled material have some qualities that would be better suited for certain applications? How can we best utilise its unique qualities?

After three years of research and lab testing we introduced the world’s first high quality hose protection spirals manufactured of recycled material: ECO-Spiral range, including specialty versions ECO-Flex and ECO-Flat.

These spirals have their own place in this world of moving machinery and hydraulics. The product line was designed to be a little bit more flexible and a little bit lighter in weight, perfectly suited for a great variety of hose protection applications.

The happy end in this story is that we managed to bring these products to the market at very competitive price range. That might bring a smile on many faces. We are very happy for that, too.