Quality from materials and customization – Safe-Spirals are liable partners in everyday work, risky situations, and everything in between

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Indoors, outside, in the water, for high-safety needs – the spiral products of Safeplast are made for all kinds of needs and environments imaginable. Since customization options from logos to practical needs are very important for different industrial fields, Safeplast has specialized in providing high-quality hose guard spirals that can solve both small and large problems. 

On paper, the spiral products of Safeplast are hose guards made to protect hoses, cables, and other similar industrial equipment. In action, the protection spirals are used for much more complex and versatile applications. 

As the name Safe-Spiral indicates, safety is one of the core factors in all hose guard products. At Safeplast, safety means numerous different things – and all of them are taken into account. 

Customization has the leading role. 

“When it comes to product titles, the hose protectors might look pretty much the same but are very different from each other depending on their length, diameter, material, functionality, and so on”, says Toni Niemi, Process Expert of Safeplast.  

“The purposes of use are endless. All our spirals are made to protect hoses from wear and tear, but in addition to that, some are made to improve fire safety or designed for worksites with danger of explosion. Also, bright colors and glow-in-the-dark options are important for improving safety in dark working conditions.  

A very small detail can become extremely important. In addition to protecting the hose itself, hose protectors can be marked with numbers. Specific colors can be added, too, to help identifying different hoses as well as keeping hydraulic hose connections and electrical harnesses in the correct order.  

“It makes regular workdays easier in general, but it can also be very crucial. For instance, if hydraulic lines get mixed up, it can make a large machine move incorrectly, which is very dangerous”, explains Sami Ärlig, the supervisor of spiral production at Safeplast.  

High-quality products also from recycled materials

Customization options do not only end in sizing and other details of the spiral products themselves. Brand colors and other company-specific markings are important for the customers of Safeplast for other reasons than just safety, too.  

“Our customers want to stand out, of course. A little bit of thought and effort – like adding a company logo or a strand of brand color to a Safe-Spiral – can create a whole new visual image of any company that wants to take that one step further”, Niemi says.  

Since some customized products are made in small batches, starting new processes from scratch again and again creates plastic scraps that could mean waste to someone. Luckily, that issue is easily fixed, and it is important for both the customers and the environment.  

“Using our own recycled materials in our processes has been a part of our business for a long time. Sustainable options are often required, and they can also serve as a positive differentiating factor”, Niemi says.  

With active product and process development, one of the greatest innovations of Safeplast is the Bio-Spiral. It is made from sugarcane that is refined to ethanol, then processed to polyethylene and finally finished into plant-based plastic. The Bio-Spiral is just as first-rate and functional as all spiral guards, and it is a great example of the high quality and innovative standards of Safeplast.  

Precise quality control from self-made machines to handcrafted details

Since the hose protector options of Safeplast are, well, almost endless, and innovative ideas are continuously created through R&D – how are the quality standards being taken care of along with everything?  

“The materials we use are a very important element in offering high-quality products. However, material choices just by themselves are not enough – even the greatest ingredients can make a bad product. Everything we use and everything we do is decided after long testing periods”, Niemi says. 

Depending on the hose guard, surprisingly much is hand-made. 

“A lot of our machinery is designed in-house. There are no off-the-shelf options when it comes to our production lines – we must design and build them ourselves. Automation is, of course, very needed, but so is manual work. Handcraft goes hand in hand with always on-going quality control”, Ärlig says. 

“Great quality comes from great cooperation. All departments and teams have to work and communicate seamlessly together. That way every step runs smoothly – no matter how many steps there are.”