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Safeplast launches a new bio-based hose guard with improved quality

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In 2020, Safeplast releases its most recent and sustainable product Safe-Bio Spiral – a hose guard that is made from bio-based plastics. The Safe-Bio Spiral challenges fossil-oil-based plastic products in state of being ecological and in quality. 

Even though all the Safeplast products are made from recyclable materials, Safe-Bio Spiral is something completely new. It is almost identical to the SafeSpiral, but the most crucial difference is that the raw material for Safe-Bio Spiral comes from sugarcane that is refined to ethanol and processed further to polyethylene. 

Safeplast Key Account Manager Mr. Mauno Kärki explains that the idea for the Safe-Bio Spiral arose from a global concern of the wellbeing of our planet. The product development team of Safeplast evaluated different possibilities for more ecological choice for the Safe-Spiral. Sugarcanebased raw material was selected from many different options. 

– The sugarcane binds carbon dioxide to itself while growing, which is why the carbon emission is balanced in the production processIn other words, thSafe-Bio Spiral is a carbon neutral product that will change the hose guard industry, Mr. Kärki says. 

Carbon dioxide in the spotlight 

The sugarcane used in the base material of Safe-Bio Spiral grows in the same areas as many rainforests. Since sugarcane flourishes on extremely harsh ground, it grows on fields where many other plants could not. That is why rainforests are not harmed in the growing process and even poor soil is utilized. 

– The bio-based material does not only make the Safe-Bio Spiral eco-friendly, but it also improves the quality of the product. In fact, the texture of the coating is even better than in the fossil-oil-based products, Mr. Kärki says. 

Durable and recyclable hose guards 

Along with Safe-Bio Spiral, Safeplast will launch three more products from Safe-series in the beginning of 2020. These products include the textile-based Safe-Tether, Safe-Wrap MSHA and Safe-Sleeve PA which are created to make different working environments safer. 

Safeplast specializes in producing high-quality plastic spirals and textile sleeves for different types of hose and personal protection. Safeplast products are designed to meet the requirements of machine and equipment manufacturers, and we also want to take part in taking care of our planet. Where there are hydraulic hoses, Safeplast protects them – and their users. 

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Mr. Mauno Kärki
Production Manager
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