# Spirals

Sugarcane plays the hero in the new, eco-friendly and recyclable Safe-Bio Spiral

Safeplast Safebio main

Since the concern about the wellbeing of our planet is growing, we have accepted the challenge to
create more sustainable products. As a result, we have designed the Safe-Bio Spiral – a hose
guard that is made from bio-based plastics.

The material for Safe-Bio Spirals comes from sugarcane that is refined to ethanol and further to
polyethylene. The sugarcane flourishes on harsh ground, which means rainforests aren’t harmed.
Since the sugarcane also binds carbon dioxide to itself while growing, the carbon emission is
balanced in the production process.

What’s best, the bio-base material gives Safe-Bio Spirals the same properties and high-quality as
the other Safe-Spirals have – and just as all the Safeplast products, they are completely